What Are the Advantages of Taking Intro to Nutrition Online?

What Are the Advantages of Taking Intro to Nutrition Online?
Beth Dumbauld

Unless you’re interested in certain health-related or culinary fields of study, basic nutrition might not be a class you’d automatically consider taking. While there are some obvious advantages to taking Intro to Nutrition online, a few others may not have occurred to you. Read on to see all of them!

Obvious Advantages for Taking Intro to Nutrition Online Courses

Let’s get to the most common reasons why you may want to take an online introductory nutrition class as you earn a college degree:

    • You can save money because the online course is less expensive– tuition costs are usually the biggest chunk of your financial commitment to college, so it’s in your best interest to shop around and see how much you can save taking the class online vs attending in person. You might be surprised at the difference!
    • You don't have to attend class in person– with modern online classroom environments, don’t think you have to be in a live class to learn well. With all the technology available, you can listen to lectures, engage in conversation with classmates and learn in a variety of ways. All from the comfort of your own home!
    • You save money by not driving to a physical location– getting into a car, fighting traffic and sitting in a college classroom costs you more than gas and maintenance for your vehicle. It costs time and often, the frustration of rush hour traffic or sharking for a parking spot. Why put yourself through the grind when you really don’t have to?
    • You can take the class at the college or university of your choice, since you aren't constrained by physically commuting – is there a particular college you really want to earn a degree through that isn’t local, but best fits your career choice? A little research goes a long way because colleges and universities are busy adding alternatives to being on campus. Attending online is the way to solve this problem!
    • You can choose to complete an online Introduction to Nutrition class through a number of non-college course providers – online learning really lends itself to getting those core, introductory courses knocked out, but why not save even more by taking these classes through StraighterLine? If one of our partner schools is on your wish list, you have nothing to lose because you’ll get full credit towards your degree!
    • Log in online according to your schedule – Self-paced online classes fit your life and priorities – whether you have time at 5 in the morning or 6 in the evening, taking your Intro to Nutrition Class online gives you complete flexibility to learn on your schedule, not the college or university timeline.
    • You learn at the pace that fits you– If the regimented pace of traditional learning overwhelms you, online learning allows you to go back and go over lessons as much as you need to. Breeze through what you know, then spend your time digging in deep to better understand the new concepts and information you’re exposed to.
    • Save time as well as money– Many online platforms allow you to finish a class earlier if you pick up the concepts quickly, making not only the most of your money, but your time as well. Take the final exam earlier and start on the next course to get your college degree when you’re ready, not when the calendar says you should be.
    • Get support through the online classroom community – Choose a “study buddy” from students who are taking the course at the same time as you. Each student is a resource, so ask questions, participate in discussions, get more insight to the course material by talking with others. You probably have a lot in common!

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    Some Not-So-Obvious-Advantages of Taking an Online Introduction to Nutrition Class

    OK, you’ve learned the really obvious advantages of taking classes like Introduction to Nutrition online, but what are some other benefits of taking this specific class online instead of something else? For starters, try these on for size:

    • Here’s to your health - taking our online Introduction to Nutrition class and learning new things about food, diet, and wellness could motivate you to incorporate healthier eating habits into your own life and the lives of your family members. Don’t get hooked on the latest diet or exercise fad; learn how these things work together for a healthy lifestyle!
    • Figure out your future - if you are generally undecided about a degree in the health services or hospitality fields, Introduction to Nutrition can highlight a direction you may love. This class can definitely help you narrow down your choices, including some you may not have thought of, like:
      • nursing
      • medicine
      • personal training/fitness
      • dietetics
      • biology
      • chemistry
      • psychology
      • food science
      • food management
      • hospitality management
  • Be in the know – the more you know, the more prepared you’ll be to weed out the fads from the truth. The basic knowledge you’ll gain by taking an online Introduction to Nutrition course will help you to better identify unhealthy fad diets and concentrate on developing safe eating habits. We all know someone who can use a hand!
  • So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to earn a college degree while saving money and time, why not start with Introduction to nutrition class now? Along with all the great time and money savings that our online classes offer, you can also better your health and wellness knowledge by taking Introduction to Nutrition at StraighterLine today!

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