Add Online Learning to Your Mommy Arsenal

Barry Lenson

Add Online Learning to Your Mommy Arsenal

If you’re a modern mother – or expecting to become one soon – you owe it to yourself to visit

It’s a pretty amazing website that offers a wealth of insights about being a mother. Stuff like this . . .

How to tell if you are pregnant. This is apparently more difficult than most people know.

How to predict the gender of your child, using a fun online calculator. Note: Only works if you are pregnant.

Things to do – and not do – if you are pregnant. Don’t empty the litter box or paint a room, but do exercise.

How to pick your kid’s name. The site says that ever since names like Oprah, Viggo, Beyoncé and Madonna became mainstream, it’s okay to give your kid a “cool” name that stands out in preschool.

Where to buy birthday cakes, maternity clothes, strollers, and other baby stuff. Lots of really helpful info on the site.

How to cope with difficult people – who seem to get even more impossible as soon as your baby bump appears. If you have a meddling mother-in-law, she is going to get a whole lot worse.

How to pick the coolest motherhood apps for your smartphone. Not kidding about this – there are tons and tons of them.

We do have one gripe about the site however. It doesn’t mention the fact that mothers really can benefit from online college courses. As soon as little Viggo or Madonna gets put down for a nap, mom can turn on the computer and continue her college education. That’s good news for mothers everywhere.

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