Ace the First-Ever StraighterLine Science Trivia Quiz and Win a PRIZE

Barry Lenson

Ace the First-Ever StraighterLine Science Trivia Quiz and Win a PRIZE

A few days ago, we ran the first ever StraighterLine history quiz. Hope you enjoyed it.

Today, we are publishing another quiz, plus taking the whole trivia quiz concept to the next level, by offering a reward to the first person who answers all the questions correctly. Here’s the scoop . . .

If you are the first person to answer all the questions correctly and to post your answers as a response to this post, you will receive ten StraighterLine FLips as a reward. FLips are Frequent Learner Points that you can cash in to help pay for StraighterLine courses, to win prizes, and to enjoy other benefits.  (FLiP totals are conveniently displayed in your student profile when you login to If you don’t have an account, sign up today. 

So here’s today’s quiz . . .

StraighterLine Science Trivia Quiz

1. Which of the two following things did Sir Charles Darwin really do?
A. He proved the world was flat
B. He discovered rings around Uranus
C. He postulated the theory of human evolution
D. He sailed around on a ship called The Beagle

2. On the Celsius scale, the boiling point of water is:
A. 100 degrees
B. 0 degrees
B. 212 degrees
C. The Third Degree

3. When you realize that a frog starts as an egg, becomes a tadpole, and then finally becomes a frog, you are thinking about a frog’s:
A. Trajectory
B. Life cycle
C. Personal life
D. Oxygenisis

4. Osmosis is a process in which:
A. Lemmings mysteriously swim out to sea and drown
B. Base and acid molar solutions combine to release thermal energy
C. People in Cleveland run outside and look at the stars
D. Molecules move through a membrane

5. If you are riding on a spinning merry-go-round and feel like you are being pushed away from its center, you are experiencing:
A. Centrifugal force
B. Occipital force
C. Insanity
D. Vertigo

6. When you (like the people in Cleveland) run outside to look at the stars, you are actually seeing most of them as they appeared:
A. Approximately two weeks ago
B. Approximately one year ago
C. Thousands of years ago
D. Exactly the way they look in Cleveland

7. The process of removing salt from seawater is called:
A. Transmogrification
B. Bartending
C. Isotropic osmosis
D. Desalinization

8. When you throw a javelin into the air, the main reason it comes back to earth is:
A. The force of gravity
B. Moving objects generally follow arc-shaped trajectories
C. Momentum
D. It saw “2001: A Space Odyssey”

9.  Objects that appear in a car’s rear view mirror probably appear closer than they really are because:
A. You aren’t leaning out far enough
B. The mirror is convex
C. The mirror is concave
D. You need new eyeglasses

10. Which one of following statements is not true?
A. An object moving through a vacuum will not slow down until it encounters some kind of resistance
B. The majority of the Earth’s surface is covered with water
C.  In a contemporary spaceship, it would take about seven years to reach the planet Mars
D. Human beings and dinosaurs once competed for the Earth’s food supply

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