A New Way for International Students to Get Into College in America

Barry Lenson

Are you an international student who is eager to go to college in America? If so, you are thinking in a very smart way.

What are your motivations?

Perhaps you are simply interested in getting a top-notch education at an American university. Perhaps you are a gifted student who didn’t score at the very top of your final high school examination tests, which we know are the most important hurdle that many international students must overcome before entering university. Or perhaps you have relatives who already live in America, and you are eager to join them here.

At the same time, the prospect of moving to America to begin your studies can be daunting. You need to handle American immigration issues, pay for transportation and housing, and overcome other hurdles.

However, it may interest you to know that a new path has just opened to earning a college degree in the United States. Because of distance learning, starting your studies at an American college or university can be simpler than ever before.

More American colleges are now offering online instruction. That affords you the opportunity to begin your studies right where you live now. Depending on the American school you choose and the programs that it offers, you can begin your course of study in your home country, and then come to America to complete your studies here. Or in some cases, you can finish all of your coursework online and earn your degree from an American college without ever leaving home. And in most cases, you can gain admittance to American colleges without having to take U.S. standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT.

Let’s review some of the advantages of attending college in America by taking online courses . . .

  • You don’t have to relocate to America for four years. It could be possible to earn an American degree without even leaving home.
  • You don’t need to obtain a student visa or deal with the paperwork until you move to the United States.
  • There is no need to disrupt your family or working life. You can begin your studies where you are now. If you are married or have children, you might be able to avoid the difficulties and costs of relocating your family to America.

Here’s a Simple Way to Start Earning an American College Degree Today

Investigate StraighterLine’s Partner College program, which offers you a straightforward and streamlined way to begin earning a college degree at a respected American college or university.

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