A Brief History of Student Loans in Three Newspaper Clippings

Barry Lenson

A Brief History of Student Loans in Three Newspaper Clippings

The good news is, president Obama announced on October 26 that he is planning to introduce sweeping changes that will make it easier for students and former students to repay their college loans. Bravo! We are hoping that he will make changes that will reduce some of the back-breaking debt load that American students are carrying.

But at the same time we are glad to hear of these plans and hope that they work, we are sobered to recall that politicians have been saying for years that they will take steps to help students pay for college. Often, they have made good on their promises - yet today, students are still unable to finance their educations. Here are three news clippings that we found from years past that make us hope that the government will deliver on what Obama has promised instead of doing nothing. Heck, back in 1961, president Johnson announced that things were about to get a lot better for students! Why are we still saying that today?

December 17, 1961: "Johnson  Signs $Billion Bill for School Support, " an article in The Toledo Blade:









March 19, 1970: "Student Loans Aimed at Poor," an article in The Deseret News: 

 June 17, 1981: "Panel Votes to Restore Millions for Student Loans," an article in The Tuscaloosa News:


















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