A Better Way to Get into College

Barry Lenson

A Better Way to Get into College

Have you noticed that the traditional college admissions process is designed to keep you out, not let you in?
On the day you decide to start college, obstacles keep jumping in your way.

  • First you have to fill out an application form and pay a hefty fee.
  • Then you have to provide transcripts of previous coursework.
  • Then you take expensive standardized tests.
  • Next, you pester three people for letters of reference. (What’s the point? Don’t colleges know that you are only going to ask for reference letters from people who like you?)
  • Then you write essays explaining your philosophy of life and why you want to enter that particular college.

And you’re still not done. If the college wants to interview you, you have to put on your best clothes so an interviewer from the college can give you a final once-over.

And if you jump through all those hoops, guess what? You are then allowed to start writing big checks to pay for what is, essentially, a service.

Yet as a growing number of eager learners are discovering, StraighterLine offers a better way to start college, for some very compelling reasons . . .

  • A streamlined application process. You can start taking online college courses immediately.
  • A quick start. School doesn’t begin in September or January. It starts every day.
  • Transferable credits. StraighterLine helps you transfer the credits you earn if you decide to finish your college work at a traditional college or university. Plus, you can enter one of StraighterLine’s excellent Partner Colleges. The result? You can dramatically slash the costs of that education.
  • Lots of other advantages. As a StraighterLine student, you can study at any time, from anywhere. You can study, even if your work requires you to travel. You can lighten your course load when there are other demands on your life, then ramp it up again when your life quiets down.

Those are only a few reasons why StraighterLine is shaking up the education industry.

So, are  traditional colleges with their ivy-covered walls going to disappear? Probably not. But the bigger question is, why do you need them at all?

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