The 8 Best Courses to Start Over Spring Break

The 8 Best Courses to Start Over Spring Break
Beth Dumbauld

Spring break is a fantastic time to start taking online college courses. If you use your time wisely, you can quickly start getting the credits you need for your degree, and the skills necessary for growing your career.

Wondering which courses to start taking over spring break? Your best strategy is to enroll in a low-cost course with a track record of faster-than-average completion, engaging course materials, and higher levels of student success and satisfaction. If you are going be spending a good chunk of your spring break getting ahead, why not enroll in a course you find interesting, compelling, or career-building?

Using our comprehensive database of student success, we have put together a list of some of our most compelling online courses that also have a history of high student engagement, course satisfaction and faster-than-average course completion rates.

So here it is, your ultimate list of the 8 best online college courses to get started over spring break:

1) ANTH101: Cultural Anthropology

In Cultural Anthropology, you'll explore human diversity across multiple spectrums: economic, political, social and cultural.

2) ENV101: Introduction to Environmental Science

In Environmental Science, you'll study ecosystems on both land and water and analyze natural and human activity as it impacts the environment, weather and climate: energy consumption, alternative energy sources, forests and conservation, urbanization, food production and pest control, and pollution.

3) PHIL101: Introduction to Philosophy

In Introduction to Philosophy, you'll study the major themes and concepts of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, free will and determinism, evil and the existence of God, personal identity, ethical values and politics, modern cognitivism and more.

4) COM101: Introduction to Communications

In Introduction to Communications, you'll develop the tools to both improve and analyze the effectiveness of your own and other people’s communications.

5) REL101: Introduction to Religion

In Introduction to Religion, you'll get a comprehensive overview of cultural religious phenomena in a global world.

6) PE101: Personal Wellness

In Personal Wellness, you’ll study the principles of exercise program design, the impact of stress on health and the role of exercise and nutrition in body composition. Plus, you get to use yourself as a guide to determining personal wellness through fitness assessments and health risk questionnaires.

7) USHIST101: United States History I

In U.S. History I, you'll explore and gain a better understanding of the civilizations that were here before the European colonists arrived, and you will end in 1877, just after the Civil War and Reconstruction.

8) BUS201: Principles of Management

In Principles of Management, you’ll learn what a manager does, and how they are integral to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a modern organization.

What courses do you recommend starting over breaks? Let us know in the comments below.


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