5 Ways to Save Money While in College [Infographic]

Beth Dumbauld

StraighterLine helps students save money on their college degree, but we’re not the only way you can save money during your college years. Learning how to save money while in college will pay off in the form of less debt, less stress, and better budgeting habits when you start your post-college life.

These five tips not only apply while you’re earning your degree, you can also use them for your personal finances and business budgeting long after you’ve graduated. Saving money never goes out of style, so whether you have to, need to, or want to save money, start with these five tips and apply the principles to all areas of your life.

Anne Sturtevant of Big Future says most colleges “offer campus services that students can use when they need help with personal, social, health, financial or other issues.”

Katie Pearson at Save the Student says, “You only get to use this baby for a certain number of years, so making the most of your student discounts should be a top priority.”

Ryan Waniata at Digital Trends can walk you through how to cut the cord and believes “There’s never been a better time to kick cable to the curb.”

Latoya Irby at The Balance knows “whether you have that good credit history depends on how you use (and don't use credit cards) during your college years.”

Thomas Bright at Clearpoint recommends that you “just be sure to have a game plan and know what you are getting into if you commit to living without a car."

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5 Ways to Save Money While in College

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