5 Tips for Taking Summer Courses Online at StraighterLine

5 Tips for Taking Summer Courses Online at StraighterLine
Beth Dumbauld

By Nick Carter

As a student advisor at StraighterLine, advising StraighterLine students doesn’t completely cover what I do every day. I like to consider myself more of a trusted StraighterLine guide - steering students toward the goal of completed courses and transferred credits.

Whether you are a student who needs help uploading an assignment for your course, or you simply need some encouragement, we are here to help students in a variety of ways. After all, we receive thousands of phone calls from students, and have the experience to help you move forward in your classes, and in your degree.

Can StraighterLine help you get summer credits?

The big question during this time of the year is always the same: Can StraighterLine help me get summer credits? The short answer is: Yes!

Many students are already signing up for the courses they want to finish over the summer. Based on the thousands of individual experiences StraighterLine students have had with our courses, here are five tips for making sure your StraighterLine summer courses count:

1 -  If your school isn’t a StraighterLine Partner College, check to make sure they will accept the courses you need.

StraighterLine has guaranteed-to-transfer agreements with our partner colleges. If your school isn’t one of our partners, don’t worry – we’ve transferred to over 500 non-partner colleges across the country. It’s easy – just check with the registrar or admissions office at your school to see if they’ll accept StraighterLine courses.

Plus - all StraighterLine courses are ACE Credit Recommended, more than 2,000 colleges and universities consider ACE Credits for transfer. Give us a call, and we can walk through any course transfer questions you have!

Want to know how to get started? Get your free personalized degree plan today!

2 - Make your own schedule, but stay on top of your courses!

Don’t be that student who enrolls in two courses and wakes up a month later on the sofa, spilled popcorn and chips on the floor, and no work completed in your courses! We’ve found that students that have at some type of schedule perform the best in StraighterLine courses.

Your schedule doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply plan out the number of hours and the days each week that you want to spend working on your courses so you can finish efficiently and meet your own deadlines.

3 - If you need help, reach out for tutoring.

Each StraighterLine membership comes with a free 10 hours of tutoring. We’ve got qualified tutors in all subjects that we offer, so make sure to take advantage of that tutoring!

4 - Use your old quizzes/exams in the course to prepare for your final exam.

“Use everything you’re given – even your mistakes – to prepare for success.”

That quote is from a teacher I had while in college, and you know what – that teacher was right! This technique works. Use the questions that you’ve gotten wrong on your assessments to strengthen your understanding of the concepts you missed. And when it comes time for that final exam, you will be expert on both the concepts you aced and the ones you didn’t.

5 - In light of your deadlines, remember these timelines.

There have been some stories of students who’ve missed personal deadlines because they weren’t aware of the following StraighterLine timelines (make sure you’re not one of them!):

  • Assessments: Qualitative assessments (essays, oral assignments, and any other assignments that are not exam-based) take an average of 3-5 days to be graded.
  • Transcripts: From the time you submit your transcript request it takes, on average, 10-14 days for your official transcript to arrive at your school. E-mailed transcripts can be sent within 24 hours, if your school accepts e-mailed official transcripts.

So, what are you waiting for? You can chat with us or give us a call any time! Come on over to StraighterLine and save money, time, effort, and get the credits you need this summer! I look forward to getting to know your goals, and helping you succeed!

Need to know how to get credit this summer? Download our free Quick Guide to Online Summer Courses

Nick Carter is a student advisor who has worked with StraighterLine since 2013. With a drive for customer service, Nick has found a niche at StraighterLine helping students get one step closer to finishing the degrees they need, one course at a time.

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