3 Ways Studying Intro to Nutrition Can Help You Eat Smarter, Be Healthier

3 Ways Studying Intro to Nutrition Can Help You Eat Smarter, Be Healthier
Beth Dumbauld

Introduction to Nutrition is the study of how nutrition affects health. It also help you explore how psychology, society, and your own values and beliefs affect what and how you eat.

It's an important subject for those looking to eat smarter and live healthier, and it is probably the most accessible and relevant online general education science course you can study once you enroll in a college class.

1. Develop Smart Eating Habits

You’ll gain really important insights about food and nutrition. Better yet, your knowledge of nutrition will have very practical applications in your own life, such as making informed decisions around snacking or how to fuel your athletic activities. Also, every health care field requires a strong understanding of the link between food and health. That’s why enrolling in Introduction to Nutrition can often inspire non-science majors to pursue degrees leading to a career in healthcare. Introduction to Nutrition brings science to life, quite literally.

The knowledge you gain about Introduction to Nutrition could help you understand lots of other things too, such as . . .

2. You Could Improve Your Health

By studying the science behind nutrition, you'll develop a better understanding of food packaging and labeling. You can then apply your knowledge to improve your food choices and make healthier decisions. One example? Perhaps your doctor suggests that you eat less salt, or reduce your cholesterol. A strong knowledge of nutrition will help you see past the marketing of food products, so you can make smart nutritional choices that can improve you overall health - and avoid ingredients that can negatively impact your goals. Plus, getting science credits early on your degree path may inspire you to pursue a degree in  STEM (science, technology, math, and engineering), majors which tend to pay the most upon graduation.

3. You Can Save Money on Your Degree

Taking Introduction to Nutrition online can help you save on your degree - and improve your financial health. The college course experience and cost savings you gain by studying Introduction to Nutrition prepares you for greater success in your nursing or healthcare related degree program, and reduces your cost of college.

The Case for Studying Introduction to Nutrition

So you see, there are some pretty compelling reasons why taking Introduction to Nutrition can improve your own health, and help you find success in your degree program, and in your career.


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