3 Myths of Online Courses

3 Myths of Online Courses
Beth Dumbauld

By Nick Carter

If you’ve never experienced an online course first-hand, what you know about them might be less fact and more fiction. As a student advisor here at StraighterLine, I can help you feel confident about taking your college classes online.

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Let's break down the three biggest myths surrounding online courses.

Myth 1: Online courses are easy!

Online courses aren’t easier; they’re just as challenging as traditional courses. A better word to describe online courses would be convenient. Online courses are allow 24/7 course access, eBooks are readily available so you can complete coursework on the go, and personalized tutoring services are available on-demand. Due to our course quality standards, StraighterLine online courses are also guaranteed to transfer for college credit at accredited colleges and universities in our partner college network. With online courses, you still need to do the brainwork – we just make everything else as easy as possible.

Myth 2: Online courses aren’t legit!

Well, if by legit you mean college courses that are able to be transferred for credit, then StraighterLine is the real deal and definitely an option you want to explore. Our courses are eligible for transfer to over 2,000 accredited colleges and universities through the ACE Credit -- and are guaranteed for transfer to over 100 colleges and universities in our partner college network.

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Now, for any colleges that aren’t officially within the StraighterLine partner college network, you’ll just want to check with the school’s registrar to make sure they’ll accept the courses you want to take with us. Once you get approval, you can start taking StraighterLine courses right away.

Myth 3: Online courses need to be accredited to transfer!

Fact: Only colleges and universities need to be accredited. StraighterLine itself is not a college. Students take individual online courses through StraighterLine and then transfer them directly into the accredited college where they plan on earning their degree. Every one of the more than 100 partner schools in StraighterLine's college network are accredited colleges and universities.

However, all StraighterLine courses have received ACE CREDIT recommendations. Over 2,000 accredited colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommended courses for transfer into their degree programs. Before enrolling in online courses, we recommend that students ask about the procedures that you must follow to transfer credits to the school of your choice.

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Nick Carter is a student advisor who has worked with StraighterLine since 2013. With a drive for customer service, Nick has found a niche at StraighterLine helping students get one step closer to finishing the degrees they need, one course at a time.

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