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Barry Lenson

Blog about Online EducationWhen I became editor of StraighterLine blog, nobody said to me, “Get cracking! You’re going to have to get more than 1,000 posts up and running in the next three years.”

But that’s what has happened, because 1,000+ posts have now appeared on our blog. And do you know what? It hasn't been difficult to create that many posts about online education. It’s actually been pretty easy, and today I’d like to share some of the reasons why . . .

  • StraighterLine is making innovations every day. That’s why it has never been difficult to think up topics for blog posts. Every week has brought something new to report about StraighterLine’s courses, partner colleges, credit transfer programs, and so many other innovations.  So the question has never been, “What can we write about this week?” It’s always been, “How am we going to pick from all the newsworthy things that are happening here?”
  • StraighterLine’s wonderful students have been eager to share their experiences. Each of them has told a different story about how StraighterLine has helped them reach their educational goals, save money, and make their dreams of earning college degrees come true. Their stories have been the backbone of the StraighterLine blog, and we can’t thank them enough.
  • Terrific bloggers have contributed as well. They have been StraighterLine employees, interns, and other personnel. Each of them has brought a new perspective to the blog. They’re brimming with ideas and have been a lively, smart group of writers.
  • The blog has enjoyed tremendous support from all the members of StraighterLine’s top executive team. They've contributed ideas, suggested themes to write about, and given just the right kind of direction.  No blog can last for long without that kind of support. We have it, and that is another reason why we have now passed the 1,000-post mark.

On to the Next 1,000 Posts! 

Please stay tuned, and keep visiting the StraighterLine blog! Another 1,000 posts lie ahead. And probably many more.

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