10 Steps To Move Your Career Forward in 2014

Beth Dumbauld

Let this year be the year to take the necessary steps to jumpstart your career. We’re helping you with the hardest part – identifying which steps to take. Believing in yourself is up to you.

1 - Believe in Yourself.
Only you can take control of your career. If you know it’s time for a change, trust your instincts.

2 - Rethink Your Resume.
If you think your resume is boring, employers will too. Remember - show, don’t tell. Highlight your accomplishments in keyword terms – your achievements show the true value of having you on the team.

3 - Take a College Course for Credit.
Working towards earning your college degree by taking college courses for credit can show your employer or potential employers that you are serious about advancing your career. You will also stand out from other candidates with the same level of experience.

4 - Complete Your College Degree.
If you have taken college courses in the past, let 2014 be the year you graduate. Commit yourself to understanding the college credit transfer process. Learn more about online colleges and universities that focus on educating career-focused adults like you. Use unbiased resources – quality online programs will have dedicated student advisors to help you affordably maximize the transfer of your past credits into the right degree program.

5 - Update Your LinkedIn Profile.
If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, sign-up. Align your profile with your career goals. Check out the profiles of those who have the jobs you want. How does yours match up? Be consistent in how you present yourself to the professional world.

6 - Clean-Up Your Facebook Account.
Take a look at your Facebook account as if you were a recruiter. Review your pages to see if there is anything that should be hidden. Update your privacy settings to control who can see your posts, links, and photos.

7 - Connect with a Mentor.
A mentor is someone who can advise you on career strategies, introduce you to people in your field, and steer in you the right direction. He or she can help you avoid career and education pitfalls, and be a cheerleader as you achieve your goals. Already have a mentor? Take the time to touch base and review your career goals for 2014.

8 - Network Online.
Online networking can lead to the inside track about internships, jobs, and potential mentors in your field. Join LinkedIn Groups relevant to your career. Follow thought leaders on Twitter. Check out Meetup groups focused on specific career skills. Subscribe to relevant blogs and leave comments. Participate in forums and share your expertise.

9 - Attend a Networking Event.
Allow your online presence translate into real-world relationships. Sometimes, it takes an in-person meeting to take your networking to the next level. Attend a networking event most aligned with your professional goals. Offer to take a potential mentor out for coffee. Attend an events sponsored by professional groups in your area like the American Nurses Association or the American Institute of CPAs.

10 - Expand Your Skill Set.
All professionals should consider what tools they have in their toolbox. The more tools you have, the more you have to offer an employer. If you are a nurse, consider taking a business course. If you are an accountant, consider enrolling in a business communications class.

This year, take control of your career. Be inspired by students who have successfully achieved their career goals by fitting college into already busy lives. Believe in yourself, and inspire those around you.


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One thought on “10 Steps To Move Your Career Forward in 2014”

  • Franks Ross

    I fully agree with Beth's "10 Steps To Move Your Career Forward in 2014". If you are serious about your education and career and follow necessary step as suggested by Beth, nothing could stop you from moving forward your career.

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