Author: Barry Lenson

  • Where You Start College Matters

    Barry Lenson

    Where You Start College Matters if You Want to Save Money The first place you take college courses is the most important if you want to keep your college costs low. I’ll explain why in a moment but before I do, let’s take a moment to remember how most colleges structure their programs of study . . . Students start out taking required general education courses. After completing those courses students declare a major and begin to take courses that focus on it. Your Chance to Save Money on College The first college courses you take offer you the greatest opportunity to cut costs because: You can cut your costs to a minimum by taking general education courses online here at StraighterLine. You can take College Algebra, Introd ...

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  • Save Time and Money on Your Engineering Degree

    Barry Lenson

    There are some big advantages to graduating college with a degree in engineering. You’re likely to get a job that pays well, because engineering graduates in demand. You’re also likely to have a career that lasts a long time, because the need for engineers is expected to remain strong in the years ahead. Despite those good things about majoring in engineering, there are some potential downsides you should know about too. One is that engineering is a very demanding major. Once you decide that you’re going to major in it, you’ll have a heavy course load of engineering courses that occupy most of your classroom time. And if you decide to change majors because engineering was not for you, you could have made a costly mistake that wil ...

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  • Why Going Back to College to Major in Nursing Makes Sense Today

    Why Going Back to College to Major in Nursing Makes Sense Today
    Barry Lenson

    If you’re thinking about going back to college to complete a degree in nursing, you’re about to make a wise decision. Here are some of good reasons why more and more adults are choosing nursing as their new careers . . . Not sure where to start? Download our free guide on Careers in Nursing! Nursing is in demand. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the demand for nurses will increase 22% between year 2010 and 2020. Training to become a nurse requires less time and expense than training to become a physician. Becoming a physician requires you to attend medical school, spend time in a residency, and even more time if you decide to train for certain specialties. That’s why more and more people who want to work in hea ...

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  • Student Debt Success Stories

    Barry Lenson

    Not everyone who goes to college ends up deep in debt.  Here are the stories of StraighterLine students who have saved – not borrowed– thousands of dollars by taking high-quality online courses with StraighterLine. Latoya Deon estimates that a three-credit Introduction to a philosophy course at the University of San Francisco would have cost her $2,700.  “My StraighterLine course cost me a total of $150, which is exactly what they said it would cost,” she says. To keep her cost at that level, she signed up for a $99 monthly StraighterLine subscription and paid $49 for her course. She saved about $2,550 by using StraighterLine.   Diana Stone was able to graduate in 2013, not 2014, because she took StraighterLine ...

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  • How to Avoid Borrowing too Much to Pay for College

    Barry Lenson

    A recent study by FICO Labs reports that student debt is quickly spiraling out of control . . . Back in 2005-2007, 12.4% of student borrowers were defaulting on their loans. After October 2010, that percentage surged to 15.1%. That represents a 22% increase in the delinquency rate. In 2005, the average debt owed on a student loan was $17,233. In 2012, it had increased to more than $27,253. That represents a 58% increase in seven years. (FICO Labs notes that during that same period, the amount Americans owed on credit card balances and car loans actually went down.) How to Borrow Less and Prevent Financial Disaster If you borrow less and owe less, you’ll dramatically lower the odds that you too will ever default on a loan, dama ...

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