Author: Barry Lenson

  • Start Your Career Success - Earn A Psychology Degree Online

    Barry Lenson

    Students who graduate college with a degree in psychology have a lot of career options today. According to “The Top 10 Reasons to Major in Psychology,” an article that Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD., Wrote for Psychology Today, there are some very good reasons why a psychology degree leads to success. “Workforce analyses of psychology majors show that psychology graduates do get jobs using their degree,” Dr. Whitbourne writes. “They may not be `psychologists’ until they complete their graduate training, but they put their psychology skills to use.” She goes on to point out these findings that were published in a recent white paper from the American Psychological Association . . . More than 40% of Bachelor’s-level ps ...

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  • How Much Will Your Student Loan Really Cost You?

    Barry Lenson

    You walk into your college’s financial aid office and fill out paperwork to borrow $14,000 at a 6% interest rate that you promise to repay over 10 years. The financial aid officer who helps you fill out the paperwork calculates that when you start to repay, you will write a monthly check for $155.40. You leave the financial aid office feeling pretty good. You can handle that monthly payment easily, so why worry? Maybe you shouldn’t feel so great, because you just signed up to pay $4,651.60 in interest on that loan. That’s another way of saying that you borrowed $14,000, but will need to pay back a total of $18,651.60. Bet you’re not feeling so good now. New StraighterLine Video Helps You Calculate the Real Cost of Borrowing ...

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  • Rasmussen College a Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    Whether you are just starting college or going back to school to earn a degree, Rasmussen College is a great choice for you. Let’s take a look at why this top college has already attracted more than 14,000 students and why it continues to grow. Rasmussen College offers a tuition lock program*, which guarantees tuition will not increase for continuously enrolled students.   It is one reason why value-conscious students seek out Rasmussen College. Eighty-five percent of Rasmussen graduates are employed in their field of study or continuing their education**.  That high rate of success is a testament to the quality of Rasmussen instruction and to the extra care that Rasmussen takes to guide students toward the right career. Yo ...

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  • 5 Strategies to Afford College if You’re Not Rich

    Barry Lenson

    You want to go to college. But how can you come up with $50,000+ to attend a four-year state school, or with $200,000+ to attend a four-year private college? (That’s about what you’ll pay when you add up tuition, housing, student fees, and other costs.) That question isn’t only bothering students. It’s troubling colleges too. To fill their classrooms, they need to attract smart students who mistakenly believe that they lack the funds to attend. As you’ll read in “A Nudge to Poorer Students to Aim High on Colleges,” an article by David Leonhardt in The New York Times on September 25, the College Board is launching a program that will encourage 28,000 high school seniors from lower-income families to apply to high-quality col ...

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  • Using Online Courses to Complete Nursing Prerequisites: A StraighterLine Success Story

    Barry Lenson

    A few years ago, Ife Muyiwa-Ojo’s career seemed steady and secure. He was working as a network/database engineer for an Internet company in Atlanta, GA. But then during the economic downturn, his company started downsizing and “moving people around,” as Ife puts it. “I lost my position and was offered another but I declined,” Ife explains. “I took an unpaid position with another company to keep my skills fresh. But I also started to think about starting a new career in a more secure field.” Want to try an online class? Take two free lessons on us today! Finding His Path to a Career Change “I had always been interested in health care and I started doing some research online,” Ife recalls. “Nursing appealed to me, ...

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