Author: Barry Lenson

  • Learn to Program in C++

    Barry Lenson

    If you’re a computer programmer or would like to be, you should take the Introduction to Programming in C++ course here at StraighterLine.  It’s a powerful online course that will earn you 4 college credits, yet it will cost you only $99 (plus a modest subscription fee).  That price includes tutoring and proctoring – and the credits you earn are guaranteed to transfer to the college of your choice. Why You Should Learn to Program in C++ C++ is a programming language that can open many doors for you as you build your career. People who can write it find work in an especially wide variety of fields that include . . . Building device drivers Creating entertainment software Designing and developing video games Developing ...

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  • The Fast, Economical Way to Go Back to College for Your Engineering Degree

    The Fast, Economical Way to Go Back to College for Your Engineering Degree
    Barry Lenson

    “Engineering has become an `it’ degree, recent grads are discovering, in both traditional tech professions and across the economy.”   -  “Engineering Grads Enjoy Greater Job Prospects” by Arlene Wientraub, US News, March 14, 2013 There are many good reasons why it makes a lot of sense to go back to college to earn a degree in engineering. Maybe you have gained skills on the job in a field like cloud computing systems, but you need a degree before you can move up in your company or get hired for a higher paying job at another firm. Or perhaps a new field like medical informatics is expanding quickly and the right degree would let you get in on the ground floor of a great growth opportunity. Need to know how to get s ...

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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Alex Evdokimov

    Barry Lenson

    When Alex Evdokimov decided to start a new career as a teacher in Massachusetts, he found Western Governors University and decided to enroll there. “I have lived in several countries and taught in them,” Alex explains, “but I wanted to earn a degree in education and get my teacher certification in Massachusetts. I was attracted to WGU because I didn’t want to go to a regular school with semesters, which are a burden,” he says. “I could move ahead a lot faster at WGU.” But then Alex hit a snag. “I wanted to start my major studies right away,” Alex explains, “but my course counselor at WGU said that before I could, I needed to complete an awful lot of courses. We agreed that it would probably take me a year to complete ...

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  • Wisconsin Lutheran College a Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    Save time and money with StraighterLine’s partnership with Wisconsin Lutheran College Wisconsin Lutheran College is a top choice for adults who are eager to complete their college degree. The college’s accelerated degree completion program is tailored for working adults who need the flexibility to take classes either on-campus or online. Students experience a Christ-centered, results-oriented curriculum that develops leaders who advance professionally and make a positive impact in their workplace and community. A Convenient, High-Quality Way to Complete Your College Degree  If you’ve earned some college credits and want to finish up and earn that diploma, Wisconsin Lutheran’s Accelerated Degree Completion program is a gr ...

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  • The Best Online Engineering Programs Start Here at StraighterLine

    Barry Lenson

    If you’re thinking of studying engineering in college, you’re thinking smart. Recent engineering graduates are in demand from Coast to Coast. And engineering grads don’t only find jobs, they earn top dollar too. According to data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers that Lauren Weber reports in a recent post on The Wall Street Journal’s At Work Blog, seven out of the 10 top-paying jobs for recent college graduates are in engineering. They include: petroleum engineering (average starting salary: $93,500); computer engineering ($71,700); chemical engineering ($67,600); aerospace/aeronautical/astronautical engineering ($64,400); mechanical engineering ($64,000); electrical/electronics and communications engineerin ...

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