Author: Anissa Sorokin

  • How To Prepare For and Excel On Online Tests

    How To Prepare For and Excel On Online Tests
    Anissa Sorokin

    While online tests present some specific challenges, there are ways to succeed in online test-taking. Here are some tips ...

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  • The Holidays, Clarity, and How To Prioritize Family and School

    The Holidays, Clarity, and How To Prioritize Family and School
    Anissa Sorokin

    I realized something this morning: it’s been exactly one year to the day since I was pacing around a hospital waiting room, biting my nails and wondering if my husband’s heart valve replacement surgery had been successful. All I wanted for Christmas last year was for him to be okay. In a season when I usually felt overwhelmed with shoulds—I should have been buying presents and sending holiday cards, I should have been decorating, I should have been volunteering, I should have been baking—I felt strangely free. For once, I knew exactly what was important, and it wasn’t deciding which cookies to bake for Santa. While I wouldn’t wish the kind of stress that afforded me that clarity on anyone, I’m grateful to have learned some ...

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  • StraighterLine Gives Thanks

    StraighterLine Gives Thanks
    Anissa Sorokin

    We love getting to know our students. Your stories—like those featured in our Celebration of Distance Learners—inspire us and remind us that the work we do at StraighterLine helps thousands of hard-working students reach their educational and career goals every day. This Thanksgiving, as you take time to be grateful for your family and friends, we’re taking time to appreciate you! Here are just a few reasons StraighterLine team members love what they do: Making an Impact on Student Lives One of the things we’re most thankful for is the opportunity to make an immediate, lasting impact on thousands of students’ lives. As Kerry Nagle, our Chief Operating Officer, says You can take a job anywhere. You can do work that has output ...

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