An Online College Primer for Faith-Based Homeschoolers: Part Two

But what does that mean exactly? It can mean a whole host of things depending on your family, your children or your community’s value system. In general, however, homeschooling parents are less concerned about where educational material is delivered to their students, and are more focused on the what, the why and the when of the curriculum, as well as the inclusion of faith-specific religious instruction and moral guidance.

This desire to replace place-based education with faith-based education has had the result of placing homeschoolers on the forefront of the revolution in traditional educational delivery systems. As a result, many homeschoolers have become the early adopters of distance education programs designed to augment a homeschool curriculum, including the adoption of and immersion into online education. It should come as no surprise that there are many contributing factors to the inclusion of online education in the homeschool environment, and that some of those factors have a direct correlation with several of the unique, as well as shared, needs of faith-based homeschooling families, particularly when it comes time to prepare students for college.

Faith-Based Homeschool and Preparing for College

Faith-based homeschooling families carry certain things in common with the overall homeschooling population, and certain characteristics, that are more specific to their family situation and set of values. The benefits of online education, particularly as homeschool students enter the teen years, become more obvious.

For many homeschooling families, preparing or just anticipating to prepare teenage children for college can be a source of anxiety. There may be questions around parents’ subject matter expertise, concerns around properly preparing a student to make the transition from homeschooling to a college environment, geographical concerns, and worries around cost. And of course, there is always the increasing concern about the safety of college students on campus.

Subject Matter Expertise

The faith-based homeschooling environment is unique to each family. Most parents who teach their children in a homeschool setting do so out of a strong set of convictions – many who do so consider homeschooling as a part of their personal ministry. Yet, as your children grow older, educational needs change. You may feel confident leading your college preparatory student in certain subject areas, and may feel less sure in others.

Additionally, your child may develop subject matter interests and strengths that have outgrown the high school curriculum that you are using. This is where online education can truly be a blessing. When ready, your faith-based homeschooling student can take college-level courses online, no matter their age, and earn transferable college credits in the process. Subject areas available through online college course providers include:

  • Mathematics : Online College Algebra, Online Calculus I and II, Business Statistics
  • English : English Composition I and II, and more
  • Humanities : History I and II, Western Civilization I and II,
  • Science : Online Chemistry I and II, Online Biology I & II, Online Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Online Physics I, and more
  • Business : Online Accounting I and II, Online Economics I and II, and more

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