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Credits for General Education Courses

StraighterLine is a proud participant in the Alternative Credit Project, an effort to assist the over 31 million U.S. adults who are eligible to start or return to college.

By taking select online courses with StraighterLine you can build up credits for general education courses that will transfer directly into participating colleges, saving money and putting you in control of the pace of your studies.

As you complete your online courses with StraighterLine, you’ll build a college transcript with the American Council on Education (ACE), the sponsor of the Alternative Credit Project, and StraighterLine. In addition, some of StraighterLine's partner colleges will provide additional tuition discounts to students that complete four or more StraighterLine courses. Learn more about StraighterLine Partner College Scholarship Program.

Course Costs:

StraighterLine combines a $99 a month course subscription plus a typical course fee of $49 with guaranteed credit pathways to accredited degree programs.

Course Format:

StraighterLine offers online self-paced and professor-led general education courses. Every course is engineered to increase your success, count for credit towards your degree, and to save you money.

Transferring Your Credits

In order to take advantage of the guaranteed acceptance of ACPE courses by participating institutions after you complete your coursework, you will need to order an official American Council on Education (ACE) CREDIT transcript or ask StraighterLine to transfer your credits for free to selected colleges. Participating ACP colleges that will accept StraighterLine’s free transfer are linked below. To transfer your credits, click “send transcript” in the upper right corner of StraighterLine’s MyLine portal. Choose to send a transcript directly or create an ACE Credit account (ACE fees may apply).

Learn more about the Alternative Credit Project.

ACP Qualifying Courses:

Courses offered by StraighterLine that are included in the Alternative Credit Project have undergone ACE’s credit recommendation process and have been granted an ACE CREDIT® recommendation. ACE CREDIT has been recommending college credit for non-classroom learning for over 30 years and ACE’s credit recommendations are considered by over 2,000 colleges and universities across the United States. As part of the ACPE program, ACE Credit re-reviewed and recommended 44 of StraighterLine’s courses – the maximum allowed. Click here for a full list of StraighterLine’s ACE Credit recommended courses.

Course TitleACP ID
Accounting IACPE-0086
Accounting IIACPE-0088
American GovernmentACPE-0072
Anatomy and Physiology I ACPE-0091
Anatomy and Physiology I Lab ACPE-0092
Anatomy and Physiology II ACPE-0093
Anatomy and Physiology II Lab ACPE-0094
Business Communication ACPE-0009
Business Ethics ACPE-0095
Business Law ACPE-0098
College Algebra ACPE-0018
Cultural Anthropology ACPE-0079
English Composition I ACPE-0025
English Composition II ACPE-0026
General Calculus I ACPE-0040
General Calculus II ACPE-0041
General Chemistry ACPE-0036
General Chemistry Lab ACPE-0037
General Physics ACPE-0038
General Physics Lab ACPE-0039
Introduction to Biology ACPE-0011
Introduction to Biology Lab ACPE-0012
Introduction to Business ACPE-0108
Introduction to Communications ACPE-0010
Introduction to Environmental ScienceACPE-0027
Introduction to Nutrition ACPE-0116
Introduction to Philosophy ACPE-0062
Introduction to Psychology ACPE-0076
Introduction to Religion ACPE-0063
Introduction to Sociology ACPE-0080
Macroeconomics ACPE-0067
Microbiology ACPE-0028
Microbiology Lab ACPE-0029
Microeconomics ACPE-0068
Organizational Behavior ACPE-0121
Pre-Calculus ACPE-0019
Principles of Management ACPE-0124
Spanish I ACPE-0129
Spanish II ACPE-0130
Student Success ACPE-0064
U.S. History I ACPE-0069
U.S. History II ACPE-0070
Western Civilization I ACPE-0083
Western Civilization II ACPE-0084

Participating Colleges

Linked and bold text highlights schools which are StraighterLine Partner Colleges. An asterisk (*) denotes StraighterLine Scholarship Partners.

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