7 Reasons Why English Composition Is the Most Important Course You’ll Ever Take Part 2

English Composition2 - English Composition Serves as Your College Educational Foundation 

There’s a reason you are expected to complete English Composition early in your college career. English Composition serves as the educational foundation on which your advanced college courses rest. After successfully completing your English Composition course(s), you are considered to be at a level playing field with other undergraduates in your cohort, no matter where you began when you first started taking college classes.

Research has shown that if you start your higher education a step behind, you won’t remain just a step behind as you move on, you will continue to lose ground exponentially. In a competitive academic environment, where 42% of all bachelor-degree seekers will drop out of college before graduating,1 having a solid foundation from the get-go is essential. English Composition is a course that provides just the sort of solid academic foundation you will need to successfully earn your bachelor or associate degree, and may help inoculate you from dropping out of college all together.

3 - Taking English Composition Now Helps You Succeed in College-Level Courses Later

English Composition gives all students a framework through which to think critically and move forward successfully in college-level coursework. 

Studies have shown that new college students who are academically testing “just below college-ready” can be successful in college-level courses, particularly when extra academic support – such as tutoring and group study time – is incorporated into the class.”2 If you have been out of school for a while, taking English Composition online can really set you on the right academic track quickly. Online college courses allow you to approach coursework at your own pace. Additionally, if you take English Composition through an online college course provider like StraighterLine, you will automatically have one-on-one tutoring included in your $99-per month college course subscription plan. 

Be patient: critical thinking and writing skills can be developed. That’s why you are in college. Remain diligent, and you can succeed.

4 – English Composition Gives You a Leg Up the College Curve

For many college classes, you can expect to be graded on a curve. What does it mean to be graded on a curve? It means you will be judged and graded in comparison to how your cohorts perform on the same assignments, quizzes, and exams. Even if you possess the most brilliant mind and are passionate about the subject matter you are studying, if you can’t convey your thoughts and analysis in an effective manner, you won’t do as well as your classmates who can effectively communicate. English Composition helps level the academic environment. 

5 - English Composition Places You on the Path to Higher-Level Communication 

One of the outcomes of a college education is the acquisition of fluency. Fluency, in this case, doesn’t mean the ability to speak another language well enough to order food at a restaurant and ask directions in a foreign country; it means being able to process information, no matter what form that information comes in, perform critical analysis on that information, and communicate your thought-process and conclusions effectively in words.

As a college student, and more importantly, as a college graduate, you will be expected to have a certain level of fluency with words and numbers. The more fluent you are with words and numbers, the higher your level of communication. Higher-level communication skills will serve you well in completing college courses and throughout your entire academic life. What’s more, communication skills are considered the highest-ranked “must have” for job candidates, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.3 In other words, learning to communicate well may be your surest path to achieving your career goals and getting the job you want in the future.

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