June 2017

  • 7 Things Everyone Asks About Online Learning  

    7 Things Everyone Asks About Online Learning  
    Beth Dumbauld

    This year, over 98% of public colleges and universities will be offering online programs to their students and in five years time, it’s expected that the majority of students will take at least one course online. Online learning is here to stay – and so are the questions students have about taking their courses online. 1 - How do online courses work? Online courses typically are the general requirement courses that students take before completing a degree. Students can also take online courses to complete electives or lower division foundation courses - Example: Bus 101 for Business Majors. Our online courses are all self-paced, meaning you can start the course whenever you would like and complete it within a ti ...

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  • College Dropout Statistics: Part-Time Students Suffer The Most

    College Dropout Statistics: Part-Time Students Suffer The Most
    Beth Dumbauld

    College dropout statistics show some eye-opening facts about who is affected the most -- part time, economically disadvantaged students, as well as older adults who are going back to school. While getting a college degree pays off for higher earnings in the future, the top challenges that cause students to drop out include: Having to take a remedial class Difficulty balancing school, work, and family Lack of parental assistance in paying tuition Many first year college students are required to enroll in remedial courses before taking prerequisites that earn college credit. Remedial course enrollment is increasing, and costs college students about $3,000 more in college tuition. Remedial classes, although they can be helpful ...

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