July 2015

  • Four Cs of Success in the Online Classroom

    Four Cs of Success in the Online Classroom
    Beth Dumbauld

    There are four key strategies for success in the online classroom (the four Cs): communication, commitment, community, and collaboration. Students that invest in developing the four Cs will find greater success learning online. ...

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  • What are “Quality” Online Courses?

    What are “Quality” Online Courses?
    Burck Smith

    Since 2008, StraighterLine has noted that online courses – because they require none of the expensive infrastructure of face-to-face courses – should be much, much cheaper than a college’s face-to-face courses. The growth of equivalent, but cheaper and unsubsidized, providers of online courses creates a problem for state and local policymakers. Want to try an online class? Take two free lessons on us today! Equivalent But Cheaper If equivalent but cheaper courses exist, but taxpayer money can only be used for expensive accredited providers, then taxpayer funds are being spent poorly. Slowly, policymakers are trying to address this. Last week the Department of Education announced that it was looking into ways in which alternative ...

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  • [Video] A Conversation with StraighterLine CEO Burck Smith

    Beth Dumbauld

    Learn why StraighterLine was started in this special interview with our CEO, Burck Smith. “We were very early to note that online courses—online college courses—should be much less expensive than they currently are from colleges, and we built a really interesting business model.” Watch the video to learn more: To date, StraighterLine has saved colleges students nearly $80 million if they had enrolled in college courses directly as opposed to enrolling with us. We’ve served over 30,000 students at this point. Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial today! ...

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  • Can College Be Free, or Free(ish)?

    Can College Be Free, or Free(ish)?
    Beth Dumbauld

    In a recent article published in The Chronicle of Higher Ed, Goldie Blumenstyk provides an overview of alternative college course providers that are successfully reducing the cost of college for many students. Included in a list that he describes as having “the most prominent prominent free and free(ish) options” is StraighterLine. "StraighterLine... offers an unusual low-cost option, charging a $99-a-month subscription plus a $49-per-course fee. StraighterLine’s offerings now total 60 courses. Its founder, Burck Smith, said that with its approach, a student risks very little financially "until you succeed." At current prices, 10 courses a year costs a student $1,300. The company also provides mentoring for students.” Blumenstyk ...

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  • Top 7 Reasons Students Complete Summer Courses Online [Infographic]

    Beth Dumbauld

    If you have been thinking about using online courses to earn college credit this summer, need help finding your degree program, or want to know about course transfer, our team of highly qualified enrollment counselors are to here to help! Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today! Need to know how to get credit FAST this summer? Download our Quick Guide to Online Summer Courses Add the Top 7 Reasons Students Complete Summer Courses Online [INFOGRAPHIC] to your Site or Blog If you'd like to share this infographic, please click the button below to copy and paste the embed code on to your site! <a href="www.straighterline.com/blog/top-7-reasons-students-complete-summer-courses-online-infographic/?subid=01-R ...

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