February 2015

  • Free Community College? Good Intentions, Bad Policy

    Free Community College? Good Intentions, Bad Policy
    Burck Smith

    A middle class American seeking a degree to improve her job prospects is faced with: - College tuition having risen four times the rate of inflation over the past 30 years; - Median family asset value having dropped by 1/3 in the last ten years; - More job postings than ever now require a degree; and - Aggregate student debt has surged past $1.2 trillion (yes, trillion with a “t”) In short, a degree is more necessary, more expensive and students have less ability to pay. Clearly, this is a major national problem, and it’s why I started StraighterLine. So, kudos to the Obama administration for proposing free community college for full-time students maintaining a 2.5 GPA. Unfortunately, the proposed cure is worse than the disease. ...

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  • Finding a Flexible Path to a Business Degree: A StraighterLine Success Story.

    Beth Dumbauld

    Arif Hoque had always planned on earning his bachelor’s degree, but he had never planned on earning his degree online. Life, however, had other plans. After he graduated from high school, he intended on enrolling at a college with a traditional campus – but then he got extremely ill. So ill, that it took him nearly 3 years to even begin recovering. But that didn’t stop Arif. While he recovered, he looked for other ways to continue his education. He had completed some classes at a local community college, but quickly discovered that he preferred taking courses online so he could study at his own pace while he regained his health, especially on the days he wasn't feeling well. Want to know how to get started? Get your free perso ...

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  • 10 Questions to Help You Choose a Competency-Based Degree Program

    10 Questions to Help You Choose a Competency-Based Degree Program
    Beth Dumbauld

    [Updated October 2015} Considering earning a competency-based degree? Smart move. In a competency-based degree (CBE) program, student success is measured by learning, not seat time, class attendance, or credit hours. You earn a degree by demonstrating skills and knowledge in required subject areas through a series of carefully designed courses. The advantage to this approach is straightforward - you are rewarded for hard work and prior experience. If you are a working adult looking to accelerate your time to graduation and acquire skills that employers value, a competency-based degree program may be your best choice. But how do you know which one is right for you? Working while earning your degree? Download our free Gui ...

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  • Are You Ready to Finish What You Started? Webinar

    Are You Ready to Finish What You Started? Webinar
    Beth Dumbauld

    Did you know that the StraighterLine + WGU partnership offers students: - A $50 discount on your WGU tuition for each StraighterLine course you transfer, up to $200 - A $65 WGU application fee waiver - Eligibility to apply for a $2000 scholarship when you transfer 4 or more StraighterLine courses Your college degree has become more affordable, more flexible, and more relevant now that you can get credit for prior knowledge, take courses on your schedule, and get degree savings with StraighterLine. More and more working adults are reducing their cost of college by taking advantage of the guaranteed credit transfer and money saving partnership between StraighterLine and WGU, and as a result, are avoiding student debt and incre ...

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  • English Composition: Power Up Reports, Presentations, and Emails 

    English Composition: Power Up Reports, Presentations, and Emails 
    Beth Dumbauld

    Looking to land a great job, or a great promotion? Want to enjoy your job and gain more opportunities for success? One of the best things you can do for your career is to work on your communication skills. When you study English Composition, you don’t just learn language rules, you gain confidence and skill in your speaking and writing abilities that will help you throughout your career. Get Your Point Across An English Composition class will help you build a strong foundation in written communication, solidifying your ability to use good grammar, vocabulary and writing sense. With the fundamentals in place, you will learn how to communicate effectively: how to make a strong case, how to express your ideas, how to be professional in g ...

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