July 2013

  • Is it too Late to Go to College in September?

    Barry Lenson

    Does today’s blog post seem familiar to you? Well, it ought to. Every year at mid-summer, we write a post that reassures students that it is not too late to plan to start college in September, even if they have no firm plans in place. Why Not Start College Now? Maybe you applied to some colleges for September, and you didn’t get into the colleges of your choice. Maybe you were moving full steam ahead to start college this fall, but your financial aid package didn’t work out. Maybe you weren’t even planning to go to college next year, but suddenly it looks like a very good idea. (Hey, what’s wrong with that?) If you find yourself in one of those situations, don’t sweat it. And don’t beat yourself up.  You see, it ...

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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Matthew Hines

    Barry Lenson

    There are people who find success by doing what other people have done. Then there are people like StraighterLine student Matthew Hines, who has found his own, bigger way to achieve success. Matthew has taken 24 StraighterLine courses to date, which makes him one of the most active StraighterLine students ever. He also estimates that those courses have helped him shave about $18,000 from his college costs and avoid taking on a big debt load. But that’s only part of the story. Let’s hear what Matthew told StraighterLine in a recent interview. StraighterLine:  Can you tell us a bit about your background and why you are going to college? Matthew Hines: I live in Washington State. I’m 30, so it has been about a dozen years since ...

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  • Three Ways to Get Into College without Taking the SAT

    Three Ways to Get Into College without Taking the SAT
    Barry Lenson

    More and more colleges are starting to question the value of the SAT exam. They should. The SAT is unfair. Students who can pay for SAT tutoring enjoy a big advantage on the exam, while students who cannot afford tutors fall behind. Also, more studies are showing that students who earn top SAT scores don’t necessarily perform better when they arrive at college. Want to try an online college class? Take two free lessons on us today! To quote from “Do SAT Scores Really Predict Success?,” a recent article on ABC News, “Most studies find that the correlation between SAT scores and first-year college grades is not overwhelming, and that only 10 percent to 20 percent of the variation in first-year GPA is explained by SAT scores. ...

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  • 1,000+ Posts About Online Education!

    Barry Lenson

    When I became editor of StraighterLine blog, nobody said to me, “Get cracking! You’re going to have to get more than 1,000 posts up and running in the next three years.” But that’s what has happened, because 1,000+ posts have now appeared on our blog. And do you know what? It hasn't been difficult to create that many posts about online education. It’s actually been pretty easy, and today I’d like to share some of the reasons why . . . StraighterLine is making innovations every day. That’s why it has never been difficult to think up topics for blog posts. Every week has brought something new to report about StraighterLine’s courses, partner colleges, credit transfer programs, and so many other innovations.  So the que ...

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  • 4 Ways ICD-10 Changed Nursing Advanced Certification

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Eric Hoover Over the next year, several changes large and small will update the current ICD guidelines. These will affect the way advanced nursing certification courses are taught, and those working in the medical field will have to adjust to the ever-evolving landscape of medical coding. As a refresher, the International Classification of Diseases (also known as ICD) is a common framework and language used to compile, report, and compare health information from pregnancy to death from illness worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) periodically revises ICD coding to reflect current medical understanding of disease. Medical professionals should now be using the ICD-10 coding, which changed drastically from ICD-9. Officially ...

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