June 2013

  • Why We Want to Go to Monsters University

    Barry Lenson

    Monsters University, the new Disney/Pixar sequel to Monsters Inc., won’t appear in movie theaters until June 21st. We can’t wait.  We want to see the film. Heck, we want to enroll in Monsters University and start going to college there as soon as possible. Why Monsters University is Tons Better than any MOOC If you visit the Monsters University official website, you’ll quickly discover that this virtual university offers a ton of great stuff that cannot be matched by any of the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) today.  On the Monsters University website, you can . . . Design your own monster avatar and print out your personal student ID card for Monsters University. Try that at a MOOC! Download computer wallpaper that ...

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  • Learn Chemistry Faster with Help from StraighterLine Videos

    Barry Lenson

    Whether you’re studying chemistry online or in the classroom, things can get pretty confusing pretty fast. A “mole” is no longer a little animal that burrows through your lawn, for example. A “significant figure” is more than how much money you have left in your checking account. And having a low “boiling point” doesn’t mean that you blow your top when you’re standing in a line. But here’s some good news for you. StraighterLine offers 50 instructional chemistry videos on its YouTube channel.  They’re free, they’re great – and they’ll explain some pretty complex topics for you in just a few minutes. Be sure to check them all out – chances are that there is one that will help you tackle any Chemistry ...

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