May 2013

  • Overdue Changes Coming to the FAFSA in 2014

    Barry Lenson

    Are you the legal child of two unmarried parents living together? Maybe the child of two men or two women who are unmarried? And do you need financial help to attend college? If so, you already know that that the FAFSA has been discriminating against you – or at least, failing to give you the opportunity to accurately describe your family situation when you have gone to the FAFSA website to fill out your FAFSA form. Up until now, you’ve only been able to list the income of one of your parents. But now that is going to change, and you will soon be able to list both incomes. To quote from “Aid Applicants With 2 Mothers,” an article that appeared in Inside Higher Ed on April 30, 2013 . . .  Beginning in 2014, the form will pr ...

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  • For Moms Going Back To School, A Thank You From The Future

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Beth Dumbauld Dear Moms Going Back to College, Thank you Mom for believing in your academic and career potential even when times got tough. You never abandoned your college dreams even when the busy-ness of life got in the way. Your persistence, diligence, and flexibility paid off. By taking college courses online, and earning your degree, you are successful proof that: It is Never Too Late to Earn Your College Degree Thank you Mom for taking college courses, even when you had a new baby. You were tired, so very tired – yet you persevered. Sure, it was almost easy to lose sight of your dreams in the day-to-day of the mundane, yet you kept focus. Because you enrolled in college courses online, in the midst of changing diapers a ...

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  • How to Start Training for a Career in Nursing Today

    Barry Lenson

    Make no mistake about it. Careers in nursing are booming. The U.S. government’s authoritative Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts that more than 581,500 new jobs will be created for nurses though 2018. The Handbook also reports that the median salary for Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses is now $40,380, and that the median salary for Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants is $24,010.  When you train for a career in nursing, you are preparing to enjoy a stable income and a long-lasting career. In fact, there may have never been a better time to become a nurse. America’s baby boomers are aging. Americans are living longer. A growing number of health care providers – from hospitals to immediate care centers to ...

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  • Save Money on College Tip Eight: Get a Job and Let Your Employer Pay for Your College Courses

    Jeffrey Simons

    By Jeffrey Simons Today’s post is the eighth in a series of short tips on how to save money on college. Today’s tip is . . . Get a Job and Let Your Employer Pay for Your College Courses Do you want to save money on college and graduate sooner? Here’s a powerfully simple strategy for you.  Get a job and let your employer pay for your college courses. When it comes to lowering the cost of college, one of the best ways to pay less is to get someone else to pay your college tuition for you. And believe it or not, a large percentage of the companies in the United States have programs that do exactly that. They’re called Tuition Assistance Plans or Tuition Reimbursement Plans, and many employers use them to help attract talent ...

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  • Cecil College a Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    Up until now, there haven’t been many community colleges that pride themselves for excellence in online education. That has now changed, thanks to Cecil College, a two-year public community college that offers transfer, career-credit and non-credit continuing education courses on an open-enrollment basis to all students who are eager to start their college studies. If you’re looking for a college that is eager to welcome you, which will help you obtain funding for your education, and which offers online learning options that accommodate your busy life, Cecil could be the college for you. About Cecil College . . . Centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county, Cecil College is just one half mile from Interstate 95. ...

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