May 2013

  • How to Graduate from Eleven Colleges in Two Hours

    Barry Lenson

    Above: See Ali G's blockbuster speech at Harvard University Class Day, 2013 The robes and mortarboards have been returned, the folding chairs are stored away.  Those are sure signs that most of 2013’s college graduation ceremonies are done. Yet thanks to YouTube, you can watch dozens of commencement speeches that were given just a few days ago by famous people. It’s almost as good as going to all those graduations. Actually it’s better, because you don’t have to sit in the pelting sun for hours and hours while hundreds of kids who you don’t even know parade by. Here’s a selection of pretty cool 2013 commencement speeches that you can watch right now on YouTube. All the names below are clickable, so get ready for some ...

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  • Why StraighterLine?

    Barry Lenson

    My colleagues at StraighterLine recently asked me to write a post entitled, “Why StraighterLine?” What a great idea. Because you see, there are so many reasons why StraighterLine makes so much sense for so many people. Let’s review them, one by one . . . StraighterLine is amazingly affordable. If you need to earn three college credits before you can graduate from college, for example, you are going to pay more than $1,000, even at your local community college. Yet students tell me all the time that they can earn those same three credits at StraighterLine for as little as a few hundred dollars. And then there is the fact that students can complete their freshman year of college at StraighterLine for not much more than $1,000. No ...

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  • The Difference between Having a Good Idea and Changing the World

    Jeffrey Simons

    The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at StraighterLine By Jeffrey Simons Let’s face it: good ideas are a dime a dozen. Everybody gets them all the time. Especially when it comes to the “save the world” kind of good ideas. Does this sound familiar? You and a bunch of your friends are hanging out and someone brings up some recent news story that just sucks. Like the fact that there’s a giant swirling vortex of garbage in the Pacific Ocean that is hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions, of square miles in size. And then you and your friends spend the next half hour coming up with brilliant ideas to harvest the garbage and recycle it into product packaging, or clothing. And then you go on with your lives. What ...

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  • This Summer, Turn Time Off Into Time Well Spent With StraighterLine

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Brittany Hege Ahh yes, Summer. A time for chocolate malted milkshakes, dancing to some good ole' fashioned doo-woop, and rubber-necking down at Lover's Lane. Oh, wait-wait-wait. Sorry, wrong decade. But, that's pretty much how summer goes: sweet treats, letting loose on the dance floor, and spending time with that special (or somewhat special) someone. Squeeze in a few online summer classes from StraighterLine so you'll have more time and money and you can keep doing those same activities during the remaining nine months of the year. You can basically take summer college classes from the comfort of your couch or picnic blanket. Spend time in the sunshine with StraighterLine! Find a lush plot of grass near a tree (don't mind the hop ...

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  • Are You in the Military? Are You a Veteran? Then Jumpstart Your Education on Memorial Day

    Barry Lenson

    If you answered yes to either of the questions in the title of today’s post, we’d like to start out by thanking you. This Memorial Day, we honor you for your service. And we’d like to ask one more question too. Have you considered taking online courses here at StraighterLine to get a start on your college education? If you believe that you are too busy to start your college work by taking online courses, here are some questions to consider before you rule it out . . . Are you ambitious? Great! Online learning can prepare you for a career – and a better future – starting today. Have you learned valuable skills while in the military? Of course you have. Taking online courses can be a good way to turn your knowledge int ...

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