March 2013

  • What to Do If You Don’t Get Into the College of Your Choice

    What to Do If You Don’t Get Into the College of Your Choice
    Barry Lenson

    College acceptance letters will be arriving soon. So will college rejection letters. If you’re a student who has been waiting to see how you will fare, you’ll spread out all those letters on your kitchen table, take stock, and see what your options are. Let’s take a look at what could happen, and what you next steps should be. Scenario One: You got into the college that was your top choice. Congratulations, you won the game of college admissions. But before you send in your deposit and put a college sticker on your car, consider going back to campus for an overnight. (Most colleges offer accepted students the option of making overnight visits.) Want to try an online college class before your enroll? Take two free lessons on us ...

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  • “Admission,” the Movie, Hides Truths among its (Very Funny) Plot Twists

    Barry Lenson

    “Admission,” the new film that stars Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, is cute, perky, and funny – just the way a romantic comedy should be. But the movie also teaches some important lessons about getting into college. The movie casts Tina Fey as Portia, a college admissions officer at Princeton. Paul Rudd plays a private-school teacher named John who just happens to have a student – who knew? – who could be the same boy who Portia put up for adoption years earlier, when she was a student too. Romance happens between Portia and John – who expected that? – and that pretty much drives the plot. There are sub-plots too. Fey is scrapping to get promoted to become the Director of Admissions at Princeton. John has an adopted son and Po ...

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  • It’s Easier to Learn Calculus with StraighterLine’s YouTube Videos

    Barry Lenson

    I’ve got a quick tip for you today – if you’re stuck on a calculus problem or concept, you should be able to find the answer to your problem in one of StraighterLine’s YouTube calculus videos. They each deliver a powerful dose of learning in nine minutes or less. Here are some of the calculus videos you’ll find . . . . How to Test for Convergence How to Understand a Series Solving Sequences, Converging or Diverging? Solving Work Problems with Calculus Arc Length and Surface of Revolution How to Use Logistic Growth and Differential Equations How to Solve the Volume of a Solid What Is Net Change and Displacement? What is the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus? Those are only a sampling of the calculus help t ...

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  • Who Takes Online Courses?

    Jeffrey Simons

    By Jeffrey Simons The Seattle Times just published an article about a study showing more students drop out, and fewer get a passing grade, when they take a class online than when they take it in a classroom. According to the Times, “many previous studies comparing online and in-class course success have been limited in scope, usually only comparing the results of a single course taught in-person at a four-year college to the same course taught online… Those studies often show that online is just as good as in-person.” The study says that the students who are most likely to fail to finish a class, or get a lower grade, are males, black students and students with lower levels of academic preparation. It also claims that, “If ...

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  • The Easy, Low-Cost Way for Working Adults to Finish College

    Barry Lenson

    For working adults, going back to college used to be a pretty complicated and discouraging process. Sure, many working people wanted to go back to college, but questions like these stopped them right where they stood . . . “Where am I going to find the time to study for the SATs, now that I am holding down a job?” “Won’t it be embarrassing for me to contact my old high school to ask for transcripts of classes that I took years ago?” “Do I really have to get three people to write letters of recommendation for me? I’m not 18 anymore!” “Even if I do get into a college, won’t it take me about 12 years to get a degree? After all, I am only going to be able to take about one course a week.” Today, things have ch ...

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