February 2013

  • Dropping Classes: The messiest break-up ever

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Danielle Koons It’s been about three weeks since Spring Semester started for most colleges across the nation, and soon the drama will begin. Sometimes you may start a class and realize it isn’t what you’re looking for—or maybe your schedule had to change or a different class fits the credits you need much better. No matter the reason, you need to drop this class. This is when it gets messy. You see, most college classes are VERY clingy. Here’s how a typical ‘dropping of a class’ goes down. Student: Hello, I’d like to drop this class, please. College:   Why? Student: Um…my schedule is too busy for this many credits I guess. College:   You can’t move your schedule around for this class? Student ...

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  • Students Suffer as Pell Grant Benefits Are Cut

    Barry Lenson

    You can read about it in dozens of places online. Just at the time when thousands of American students were expecting to get good news about their Pell Grants, they were told that they were getting nothing – not a cent – from the Pell Grant program this year. Most of the students who are affected attend community colleges. Some of them apparently got bills instead of the checks they were expecting. Take a moment to read these two stories about the crisis . . . “2,960 students lose Pell Grant eligibility,” an article in the Biloxi-Gulfport Sun Herald, reports that regulations that Congress quietly enacted last June to lower the cost of the Pell Grant program have already disqualified about 3,000 Mississippi students. “Shut ...

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  • Let’s Celebrate George Washington’s Birthday by Telling the Truth

    Barry Lenson

    There are lots of curious facts about George Washington. Did you know, for example, that he had two birthdays? George was born on February 11, 1731. But that birthday was recording using the Julian calendar. When England and its colonies (that was us at the time) tossed out that calendar in 1752 and started using the Gregorian calendar (which we still use today), his official birthday got changed to February 22, 1732. That’s right, old George got almost a year younger in just one day. Heck, he didn’t even exist during the first year of his life! Maybe that explains why his teeth fell out and he got some fancy dentures made. Maybe it also explains why he went and what the heck, threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River, according to ...

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  • Chinese New Year: The Year of the Snake will be Good for Education

    Barry Lenson

    February 10th will usher in The Year of the Snake. Happy Chinese New Year! But what will the Year of the Snake mean for you and other students? I am certainly no expert on Chinese astrology. But I just spent a very productive few hours combing the Internet for information on what we can all do to make the most progress during the Year of the Snake. And I have to say that to my non-astrological eyes, it looks like this year will be a very good one for kicking off new educational projects. Here’s what I found out . . . Snakes are kind of sneaky and sly. But that’s a good thing if you are trying to get more educated and successful. It means that you can make a lot of progress this year if you pay attention to details and pause to ...

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  • Going to College in America: Why Fisher College Could Be Your Top Choice

    Barry Lenson

    Students from Asia to Europe, from Africa to India, all dream of going to college in America. If it’s your dream too, here’s some important news for you. Fisher College, one of America’s highly respected New England colleges, has created a special new initiative with StraighterLine to welcome non-U.S. students. Opening its doors to foreign students is nothing new for Fisher College. In fact, 150 of the College’s 850 current students come from countries other than the United States. It’s a great American college that is waiting for you. How Can You Apply?  Start by visiting Fisher College’s International Student Partner College profile.  It will tell you about Fisher’s great Boston location, degree programs, and ...

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