February 2013

  • A College Checklist of Checklists

    Barry Lenson

    When my daughter was applying to college, she needed a checklist to keep track of her applications. College A required a supplemental essay in addition to the one that was on the Standard Application, for example, and College B wanted to see an actual term paper she had written. Without a checklist, who could keep track of that stuff? Then when she got into college, she needed checklists for stuff that she would have in her dorm room, for her clothes, for shampoo and goo, for computer peripherals. Details, details! That’s why it makes sense to create not just one college checklist, but a checklist of checklists that you will need as a college student. Complicated? Yes. But it might help, so here goes . . . Checklists You Need when ...

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  • How Does ACE Credit Transfer Work?

    How Does ACE Credit Transfer Work?
    Barry Lenson

    If you have taken courses at StraighterLine and want to transfer the credits you earned to a college or university, learn how does that process works. ...

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  • How to Win an Argument Using Psychology . . . or should you even try?

    Barry Lenson

    It’s Saturday morning. You and your significant other are disagreeing. You have your side of the argument. He or she has his. You are both determined to win and for some reason, the mood is heating up. Heating up? Yes. But here’s the cool part. According to some psychologists, the whole discussion you are having is probably pointless.  Over the centuries, people have come to believe that they can arrive at a solution by arguing with each other – that’s what we expect to happen. But now some psychologists are starting to think that people don’t argue to arrive at solutions, but to feel better and to gain a social advantage.  You can read about some of these new-thinking shrinks, like Dan Sperber and Hugo Mercier, in a recent a ...

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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Beverly Williams

    Barry Lenson

    Some students take online courses at StraighterLine to get a start on college. Others take courses to complete their Bachelor’s degrees. But there are many other reasons to take StraighterLine courses too, as we learned in a recent conversation with Beverly Williams. After taking only one StraighterLine course, Beverly moved her career in a whole new direction. Let’s find out how. StraighterLine: Did you use StraighterLine courses to finish college? Beverly Williams: Actually, I had already earned a BA from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 1998, where I majored in French. Then I earned a JD from Concord Law School in 2008.  However, all the jobs I was interested in preferred a business degree. So I started working at Th ...

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Danielle Koons You were expecting a clever line, weren’t you? I can’t be clever when I’m so giddy about the coming holiday! I love Valentine’s Day. The entire month of February is riddled with ooey-gooey love notes, red roses, pink heart cut-outs, and fat little babies shooting people with love darts. What’s not to like? The only thing that bothers me about it is that Valentine’s Day heralds the beginning of college tests… Sometime around the second week of February, all the teachers get together and connive. Yes, connive. They put all the tests in the same week and watch as we struggle to cram for four or five different tests—while also trying to maintain the giddiness and joy of the coming day of love. Level: E ...

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