January 2013

  • StraighterLine is the Easiest College to Get Into

    Barry Lenson

    When you stop to break the process down, it becomes clear that the traditional way of getting into college is incredibly complicated. Most college applicants go through some or all of these steps . . . They take AP classes and tests to increase their chances of getting into college. They hire SAT and ACT tutors. Then they pay to take those tests too. They sign up for dozens of extracurricular activities that will convince colleges to admit them. They hire independent college admissions counselors to help them decide where and how to apply. They hire special consultants to help them prepare their college admissions essays. They do extensive research on the Internet and look at dozens of college websites and blogs. They sched ...

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  • Why Do College Degrees Cost 1,000 Percent More than they Did Three Decades Ago?

    Barry Lenson

    “The Student Debt Crisis,” a recent post from the Center for American Progress, points out that the cost of college has increased far faster than the cost of just about anything else you can name. To quote from the article . . . “In the past three decades, the cost of attaining a college degree has increased more than 1,000 percent. Two-thirds of students who earn four-year bachelor’s degrees are graduating with an average student loan debt of more than $25,000, and 1 in 10 borrowers now owe more than $54,000 in loans.” All those statistics are remarkable enough. But today, let’s just focus in on the fact that the cost of a college degree has increased 1,000% since 1982. Our editors put together this list of statistics, wh ...

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  • Student of the Month: Charl Roux

    Barry Lenson

    There’s no doubt that international boundaries are disappearing in today’s world, where students from any country can take courses online at American colleges and even degrees from them. Charl Roux is one of this new breed of virtual college globetrotters. He lives in South Africa, but that didn’t stop him from taking courses online at StraighterLine. Learn about it in this recent conversation between Charl and Barry Lenson of the StraighterLine blog . . . Barry Lenson: How and why did you find StraighterLine? Charl Roux: I happened to read an article about StraighterLine in Time Magazine labeled “A Full year of college for $999 per year?” So that really grabbed my attention and I decided to give StraighterLine a try. ...

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