January 2013

  • Top New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Finances Organized

    Barry Lenson

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed it too, but I have found that when I get organized about my money, I have more of it. It’s funny how it works. Since I started using online banking to track activity in my checking account, for example, I have experienced these benefits . . . Because I can see my balance and my “pay to accounts,” I can more strategically plan when I am going to pay my bills. The result is that I sometimes delay paying a bill for a few weeks, and therefore have more cash on hand for food, gas, mortgage and other expenses. Because I really do have a handle on the bills I am paying, I never bounce a check the way I sometimes did when I was using paper checks. Because bouncing checks is expensive, that saves me ...

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  • Help the Students Affected by the California Community College Crisis

    Jeffrey Simons

    By Jeffrey Simons Nearly half a million community college students in California have been shut out of classes. Classes they need for their Associate Degree. Classes they need to move on to a 4-year college or university. Classes they need to get on with their lives. It’s time to do something, and at StraighterLine, we think we can help. Many of the 472,300 students affected can get the college courses they need, online, right now, for just $99 a month plus as little as a $49 per course registration fee. We’re not alone in our efforts to support community college students in California. Together with our partner schools, we’ve helped hundreds of students from California continue their education and get their college degree ...

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  • Hottest Blog Posts of 2012

    Barry Lenson

    All the posts we publish on the StraighterLine Blog are masterpieces – of course! However, some are apparently more mastery than others. These posts are the best of 2012 and a few from 2011 that continue to be some of our readers favorites. CAREERS Your resume is your landing page.  In our electronic age, your resume will work harder for you if you think of it as your personal website and apply some of these strategies. Getting into College Made Easy: How to Write Your College Admissions Essay.  Are you nervous about writing your college admissions essay? Don’t be. It is actually simpler than you expect, if you follow this advice. How to Improve your SAT Score without Spending a Cent. In fairness, there are valid reason ...

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  • StraighterLine’s New Professor Direct Delivers Personal Instruction to Online Students

    Barry Lenson

    Since its earliest days, StraighterLine has connected its students to sources of help. Students can connect and get help . . . Students can call their student advisors at (877)787-8375. That’s a toll-free number. Students can email their questions to their student advisor. Students can post their questions on the StraighterLine Facebook page. Ten hours of online tutoring are included in each StraighterLine course. Students can access it by clicking the “Tutor” button that is on their course dashboard. Now StraighterLine has introduced Professor Direct. It’s unlike anything that is being offered anywhere in the online learning universe. Thanks to Professor Direct, students can select professors who will guide and teach t ...

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  • Why You Can’t Just Say No to College

    Barry Lenson

    “Saying No to College,” an article by Alex Williams in The New York Times on November 30, reports that more and more students are bagging college and starting out on their careers without earning degrees. Some of these escapees are young tech types. Others have been inspired by entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. “Those billionaires didn’t earn degrees,” these students think, “so why should I?” The article reports that students bail out of college for other reasons too. Some of them avoid college because they are afraid of racking up huge quantities of debt. Others have noticed that their colleges charge them a fortune and then deliver low-quality educational “products” in crowded lec ...

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