December 2012

  • Student of the Month: Elizabeth Smith

    Barry Lenson

    Elizabeth Smith earned three credits in college algebra from Charter Oak State College in just 10 days thanks to StraighterLine. Total cost? $138. She stands for everything that is possible when you accelerate through a self-paced course. She saved time and money with StraighterLine’s help, and so can you by enrolling now. “I was referred to StraighterLine by my advisor at Charter Oak State College… And I had a few small classes that needed to be tied up,” said 42-year-old Smith. “I immediately emailed StraighterLine and within the day I was already signed up for my algebra class. I had an advisor right away, I had full access to tutoring, and I knew I could do it at my own time frame. For me I needed to get it done in less t ...

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  • Grandparents Pay for Your College Education . . . what a great holiday gift for you!

    Barry Lenson

    If you have grandparents – and I hope you do – you have probably noticed that they can be a lot like parents, only better. Many of them focus on the good stuff you do, without fixating on your mistakes the way many parents do. Most of them light up with pleasure every time they see you. And many of them are actually eager to help build your future success. So . . . how about getting your grandparents to help you pay for college? If you have the right kind of grandmother and grandfather, chances are they would love to help you out – it would be a true win/win agreement: they would feel great about helping you, and you would save money on college. (Your parents might even win something too, but let them figure that out on their own.) ...

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  • 4 Great Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Sani Golriz Just a few short years ago it seemed that college was the natural next step for graduating high-schoolers. It allowed them to move on to a whole new level of education, helping them develop the skills and knowledge they'd need for the bright, shining future that seemed guaranteed on graduation day. Today, though, the landscape is very different. The cost of tuition has increased (and has done, in fact, at around twice the rate of inflation every year since The Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show), and an increasing number of parents are unable to set aside enough savings to help pay for higher education. What's more, with the economy in a shambles and unemployment at its highest rate in recent history, college studen ...

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