December 2012

  • Hot Baby Names for Year 2013 Will Be All about Computers

    Barry Lenson

    “Parents looking for 'cool factor' in baby names,” an article in USAToday on November 29, reported that some of the hottest baby names today are Aiden, Jackson, Ethan (for boys) and Sophia, Emma and Olivia (for girls). Well, could be. But mark our words. We predict that 2013 will be the year when trendy parents will begin to give their kids computer-related names. It’s going to happen, and you’ll be convinced when you get a load of what are soon to be the hottest baby names of 2013 and beyond . . . Router – What a great name for a son! It has a certain verve that you just don’t get with Joseph. Example: Router Levine Mouse Pad – Another great choice, equally good for a boy or a girl. Plus, it can be condensed into M.P., a ...

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  • StraighterLine Wins Maryland "Deal of the Year Award" for Its Innovative College Pricing

    Barry Lenson

    It’s no secret that the cost of a college degree is soaring out of the reach of many students today. But not for all students. If you’re eager to get a quality education for a very reasonable price, you need look no further than StraighterLine. Here’s a video that tells you what you need to know about why StraighterLine and its innovative Partner Colleges could be just what you are seeking as you plan your higher education  . . . Take a minute to watch! You could learn information that could help you make your educational dreams come true. Other Posts You Might Enjoy Burck Smith on the Changing Model of Education  The Washington Post Praises StraighterLine in New Editorial The New York Times Cites StraighterLine as a ...

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  • Math is Fun!

    Beth Dumbauld

    by Danielle Koons 1+1= Fun! False. 1+1= 2 Math is not fun. Ignore the title. I’ve read numerous studies about how girls aren’t as good at math because we’re too busy painting our nails. Luckily, those studies are now decades old and have been debunked by scientists not living in the dark ages. See, I’m a girl. I don’t hate math because it’s hard, or because I’d rather go to the mall, or because it isn’t ‘cool’. I hate math because it’s BORING. It’s lame because it’s a bunch of meaningless numbers fitting into a pattern I don’t care about or see. I’ve taken nothing but ‘stupid kid’ level math my entire high school years. The first time I ever cared about math…. was this year, my junior ...

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  • Okay, Smartie Pants! Can You Solve this Simple Math Problem?

    Barry Lenson

    If you’ve taken any calculus or algebra classes online, you have some great math skills, just waiting to be unleashed on the quadratic equations and other complex math problems of the world. You know the kind of problems I am talking about . . . “It takes Jerome 40 hours to compose a symphony and Edna 25 hours. If Jerome leaves Detroit and drives toward New York while composing a symphony and Edna leaves New York and drives toward Detroit while composing a symphony, where will they meet? Whose symphony will be longer, and by how much?” “There are two plugs of different sizes in a bathtub. If you remove plug A, the tub will drain in 10 minutes. If you remove plug B, the tub will drain in six minutes. How long will it ta ...

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  • How to Handle Common College Interview Questions

    Barry Lenson

    On-campus college interviews are as scarce as dinosaurs in argyle sweaters these days. They’ve almost disappeared for a very simple reason: colleges are screening so many applications that they just don’t have the time to call you in for a traditional across-the-desk conversation. It’s more likely that any interviews you get will be with alumni of schools where you’ve applied. What’s the best way to handle an interview on a campus or with an alumni interviewer? Here are some common interview questions, with advice on how to answer them . . . 1. Did you enjoy your four years in high school?  The interviewer is really trying to figure out whether you are a positive or negative kind of character, so always say that you enjoye ...

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