December 2012

  • New Year’s Resolution: Reach Your Educational Dreams in 2013

    Barry Lenson

    There are many kinds of New Year’s resolutions. You could get more exercise, lose weight, or get a new job. But of all the resolutions you could make, here’s a suggestion. Why not make 2013 the year when you make more of your educational dreams come true? Thanks to the flexibility of online learning, you don’t have to wait until a new semester starts before you can get going. You can get started today . . . Start going to college. You can do this in the least expensive and most user-friendly way possible, by taking courses online at StraighterLine. Explore a new area of study. Have you always been interested in sociology, accounting, or math? Finish going to college. If you need to complete only one or two courses to comple ...

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  • What’s Wrong with AP Classes?

    Barry Lenson

    I bet that you’ve noticed something. It’s that something is not working right with AP classes. Sure, tons of students take Advanced Placement classes and exams. But how are those classes and tests helping those students? Here’s a case study from the town where I live. In my town, just about all students in the high school take AP classes. All those students, and their parents too, are eager to pull all the strings they can to get their kids into the best colleges possible. That all sounds pretty positive, until you examine the realities of the situation, which is that first students get tutored to get into AP classes, then they get tutored so they will do well in the classes, then they get tutored so they will do well on the AP e ...

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  • New Year’s Resolution: I Will Learn CPR and First Aid this Year

    Barry Lenson

    I don’t know about you, but I like to think of myself as someone who helps other people. When someone tells me that they need assistance of some kind, I try to stop, listen, and do what I can. Even in random encounters on the street or in public places, I try to be kind and patient. I hold the door for people. I stop my car at crosswalks so pedestrians can safely cross the street. I say “good morning” to people when I am out for my daily walk. I think that behaving like that makes not only other people’s lives better, but my life too. So I am making a New Year’s resolution that falls in line with that outlook. I am going to learn to perform CPR, and I am going to freshen up my first aid skills too. Why? In part, it’s becau ...

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  • Tulane’s Freeman School of Business Fibbed to U.S. News

    Barry Lenson

    The good news is that Tulane University’s Freeman School was ranked 43rd in the 2013 U.S. News rankings of business schools. The bad news is that Tulane apparently earned that rank by submitting false data to the magazine. According to a statement in U.S. News on December 20, 2012, Tulane lied by exaggerating the GMAT scores of its incoming students. To its credit, Tulane fessed up and admitted that it lied. But for protection, the school also hired a law firm that has represented other colleges and universities that have misreported data in the past. By submitting false data, Tulane joins other well-respected schools that have done the same in order to earn higher rankings in U.S. News. According to an article on Huffington Post, o ...

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  • Meet Professor Michelle Prejean

    Jaime Dalbke

    Now that StraighterLine also offers professor-led online college courses, we thought you might want to know a little more about our professors. We’ve asked each of them to answer a series of questions to help you decide whether you want to enroll in their courses or stick with our more traditional self-paced courses. As with everything else here at StraighterLine, like publishing student course ratings and average pass rates, our goal is to give you the information you need to make the right choices for you. And with that, it’s time for you to get to know Professor Michelle Prejean: What excites you about StraighterLine’s Professor Direct? What I really like about StraighterLine’s Professor Direct is that the program puts me ...

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