October 2012

  • Don’t Be Scared of Online Courses Just Because It’s Halloween

    Barry Lenson

    Don’t Be Scared of Online College Courses Just Because It’s Halloween It’s a ton of fun to be scared on Halloween. Leaves blow down the street. It gets dark early. The doorbell rings and there are all those cute little kids dressed as pirates and princesses. Then after dinner there are bigger kids looking spookier and spookier. And of course, all those scary movies show up on cable. Yup, it’s fun to be scared in those ways. But less fun to be scared about some other topics, a lot of which are on people’s minds these days . . . “I’m scared about paying for college . . .” “I’m scared about repaying my student loans . . .” “I’m scared that I won’t do well enough on my SATs to get into the college I want ...

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  • Lady Liberty Welcomes Students to Our Shores

    Barry Lenson

    Lady Liberty Welcomes International Students to Our Shores On October 28 in 1886, president Grover Cleveland presided over a ceremony that officially dedicated the Statue of Liberty in New York Bay. As you know, Lady Liberty was a gift given in friendship to America by the people of France. Some years later – in 1903, to be precise, a bronze plaque was installed on the base of the statue. It displays a poem called “The New Colossus,” by an American poet named Emma Lazarus. Lazarus, you might not know, was a young Jewish woman whose family members had been in New York since colonial times. Here’s an excerpt from her poem, which she actually wrote nearly 20 years earlier . . . “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries s ...

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  • Happy Birthday, Bill Gates: Education Innovator and Disruptor

    Jeffrey Simons

    Happy Birthday, Bill Gates: Education Innovator and Disruptor By Jeffrey Lee Simons Some people wouldn’t think that a student who dropped out of Harvard after less than 2 years would make much of himself. In the case of Bill Gates, they’d be wrong. Gates went on to found Microsoft and become one of the most successful, wealthiest people in the world. And while everyone knows about his role in the personal computer revolution that literally changed the way the world works, not everyone knows about Bill’s roll in the education revolution, including advances in online education. Bill and his wife Melinda run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which according to the Economist is the largest transparently operated chari ...

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  • How to Win at StraighterLine Jeopardy

    Barry Lenson

    How to Win at StraighterLine Jeopardy Your dream has come true. You’re a contestant on Jeopardy! And better yet, there are only five minutes left in the show and you are leading the other candidates by $5,000. They look worried. You feel great. What could possibly go wrong? The category for the final question is “Education.” Even better! What could Alex Trebek possibly ask that you don’t already know about learning and school? So you bet $3,000 that you can answer correctly. After the commercial break, the question appears. To your surprise, it is . . . What are the three ways that StraighterLine students can transfer credit hours? You write down your answer, smile, and then take a side glance at the other candidate ...

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  • How Two Little Letters Could Stand Between You and Your Diploma

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Brittany Hege Whether we're getting flipped off for cutting someone off in traffic, or maybe we're just expressing ourselves after feeling the initial sharp pain of a headache or electric bill (they go hand-in-hand), swearing just sort of happens sometimes, often; without consequence. But what about when it happens during a public speech in front of hundreds? According to a news article by Stephanie Grimes of KSL.com, an Oklahoma valedictorian was denied her diploma for using profanity in her Prague High School graduation speech. That's right, Kaitlin Nootbaar “deviated from her pre-approved script by two letters,” enough for the school to deny the student her diploma. Concerning his daughter's speech, David Nootbaar s ...

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