Colleges and universities around the world use the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process to evaluate what you've learned outside the classroom for the purpose of assigning academic credit. PLA allows you to translate the real-world knowledge you've gained through work experience, corporate or military training, civic activity, independent study, and even hobbies into actual college credit that counts.

You’ve gained skills and knowledge in your life and on the job. But did you know that you could earn college credit for the things you already know? The first step is demonstrating that the knowledge you have is “college level.” StraighterLine’s partners can help you evaluate the level of your learning through a process called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and give you the courses and tools you need to translate your real-world experiences into real college credit.

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    Developing Your Portfolio for College Credit (DYP) from


    • Developing Your Portfolio for College Credit (DYP)