In cooperation with StraighterLine, ETS—a global leader in testing and assessment known for their TOEFL®, GRE® and Praxis assessments—offers you secure electronic access to the iSkills™ and ETS® Proficiency Profile assessments.

The iSkills assessment measures the ability to think critically in a digital environment through a range of real-world, real-time tasks — so you can demonstrate that you have the 21st-century skills you need to succeed.

The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses your critical thinking and mastery of college-level reading, writing and mathematical concepts – in a single, convenient test.

Together, the iSkills™ and ETS® Proficiency Profile assessments will test the strength of the skills that are essential for success in college and beyond to help you stand out from the crowd in college and your career.

  1. Test Details:
    Test Length: 1 hour
    Delivery Mode: Online Proctoring (Test runs on Windows computer only)


  2. Test Details:
    Test Length: 2 hours
    Delivery Mode: Online Proctoring


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