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LearningCounts offers portfolio development courses designed to help you demonstrate the learning you’ve acquired from professional work and training, military experience, or open-source learning from the web. A LearningCounts College Credit Specialist can help you identify which experiences and learning may lead to college credit. Each portfolio is only $125 and is assessed by faculty experts for three undergraduate college credits. Visit to find out how you can save time and money by earning credit for what you already know.

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How do I use LearningCounts?

Learn how to create a Learning Portfolio that demonstrates the knowledge you have accumulated outside the college classroom by taking one of our two classes:

1 - Get Advice from a College Credit Specialist. Together, you’ll determine the most affordable and fastest path to earn college credit for what you already know.

2 - Enroll in one of our portfolio development courses.
  • The Do-It-Yourself Course(DIY) is a self-paced online, non-credit course that you complete on your own schedule. Download the Syllabus or try the first two modules of the DIY course for free!

  • The Instructor-Led Course is a 6-week online course that is worth 3 credit hours. You work with an instructor and a small cohort of students on assignments every week (An optional 2-week workshop is available for extra portfolio building help.)

3 - Portfolio Development and Assessment

Using what you’ve learned in our courses, you’ll create an online learning portfolio that matches your knowledge and experience to college-equivalent courses. Once you’ve completed your portfolio, a member of our expert faculty will assess it and recommend it for college credit. You can earn up to 3 undergraduate credit hours for each portfolio you submit. Check with your advisor or registrar to be sure your credits will be accepted.


LearningCounts is an organization dedicated to helping adult learners earn affordable college degrees. We respect that adult learners acquire experience in knowledge outside the classroom – and that knowledge can be translated into college credit.LearningCounts is a Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) program and is supported by foundations dedicated to increasing the college graduation rate in America.

Interested in LearningCounts and want to learn more about how StraighterLine has partnered with LearningCounts to help students earn a more affordable college degree? We’re here to help: we can assist you in learning more about the StraighterLine College Network and how it can help you save on a college degree. We’re dedicated to helping you find the path to the college degree you want.

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