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Struggling with precalculus online? Need a math tutor? Getting precalculus online course help just got easier. StraighterLine has a video database of precalculus tutorials to get you the math help online you are looking for. (Especially helpful for you self-paced students taking distance learning courses.) When you sign up for a StraighterLine class you also get free online math tutoring and a course advisor.

How to Use Conjugates                        


   Inequalities without Solutions                                       



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How to Simplify a Complex Fraction
How to Factor Polynomials
How to Solve Special Polynomial Products
How to Simplify Radical Expressions 
How to Use Conjugates
Understanding Verbal Inequalities 
Inequalities without Solutions
How to Solve Mixture Problems
How to Divide Complex Numbers
Equations Involving Rational Exponents
How to Multiply Complex Numbers
How to Solve Factorable Cubic Equations
Applications for Point Slope Form 
Applications for Slope Intercept Form
How to Find Domains and Ranges 
How to Calculate Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 
Symmetry about the Origin
How to Find the Equation of a Rational Function 
How to Find the Equations of a Polynomial Function from its Graph
How to Sketch the Graph of a Rational Function 
Understanding the End Behavior of a Function 
Increasing and Decreasing Functions
How to Graph a Logarithmic Function
Application with Logarithms   
How to Solve Exponential Equations  
Application Periodic Investments
Application of Newton's Law of Cooling 
Basic Trigonometric Functions
How to Convert Between Degrees and Radians
The Inverse Trigonometric Functions
The Unit Circle 
How to Find Values of the Trigonometric Functions
Period of a Trigonometric Function  
The Double Angle Identities
How to Transform a Trigonometric Function 
Various Trigonometric Identities 
How to Write One Function in Terms of Another 
Application of Surveying 
Application of the Law of Cosines

Applications of the Law of Sines
Oblique Triangles and the Law of Sines
The Ambiguous Case 
The Law of Cosines 
What is the Application of Astronomy
How to Solve the Ambiguous Case with No Triangle Possible 
Application of Linear Systems with Business
Application of Linear Systems with Economics
What is the Equation of a Circle  
What is the Equation of an Ellipse
How to Find the Equation of a Parabola
How to Graph from the Polynomial Form of the Hyperbola 
What are the Standard Equations of a Parabola 
What is the Standard Form of the Hyperbola
Application of a Geometric Series 
Application of a Sequence
Application of a Series
Application of an Arithmetic Series 
Finite Geometric Series
Recursive Sequences
Sum of n Terms of a Geometric Series 

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StriaghterLine’s Precalculus Course Text: Barnett, Raymond A., Michael R. Ziegler, and Karl E. Byleen. Precalculus, 6th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2008. ISBN: 9780073312637 [buy the text]

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