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Cigna is partnering with StraighterLine, a leading provider of online college courses to help you save up to $15,000 on your college degree.

Starting Fall Semester 2014, Cigna will require all employees seeking 100 and 200-level college courses (1st and 2nd year undergraduate) and who are not currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program to use StraighterLine for Cigna’s Employee Reimbursement Program (ERP).

How It Works

  1. Get Your Degree Plan

    Your free Degree Plan lists all of the fast and affordable courses you can take with us, and easily transfer for credit to any of our 70+ Partner Colleges.

    Call (877) 787-8375 to speak with your StraighterLine Student Advisor
  2. Choose Your Courses

    Take your general education core courses online though StraighterLine and save up to $15,000 on your degree.*
  3. Review Scholarship Options

    Students completing online college courses through StraighterLine can take advantage of Partner College Scholarships, which can help make a college degree up to 50% more affordable.
  4. Pick a Partner College

    StraighterLine has a network of over 70 partner colleges and universities. Your approved course(s), as mapped out within your degree plan, are guaranteed to transfer. Your StraighterLine Advisor will help you select the school that’s right for you.
  5. Complete Your Courses

    After you complete your courses at StraighterLine, you can enroll at one of our 70+ Partner Colleges to finish your third and fourth year courses to complete your degree..
  6. Get Your Degree

    In the end, you get the same degree for less time and up to $15,000 less..

*If looking to transfer courses outside of StraighterLine’s education partner network, StraighterLine advises all Cigna employees to check with desired college or university to see which courses will be accepted prior to enrolling in StraighterLine.

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