What is Credit-By-Exam or CBE?

Beth Dumbauld

CBE is Credit-By-Exam. A Credit-By-Exam (CBE) program allows you to earn college credit for what you already know. Students can pick and choose college-level subject matter exams from a variety of credit-by-exam providers.

Passing tests through a credit-by-exam program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or transfer credit to thousands of colleges and universities.

Credit-by-Exam providers include:

Each exam program sets its own testing schedule and has its own test taking centers. All credit-by-exam programs have specified waiting periods before you are able to retake any exam for credit.

You can also earn college credit by taking self-paced online college courses for credit through online college course providers.

An Example of an Online College Course Provider:

*Of note: College credits earned through StraighterLine are automatically accepted as transfer credit to StraighterLine partner colleges, and may be accepted as transfer credit at thousands of other colleges and universities through ACE CREDIT.

Each college and university sets its own transfer credit policy. It is advisable before you enroll to ask ahead which, if any, CBE results, ACE Credit or StraighterLine college courses your college will accept as transfer credit before you enroll.

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