Spell “StraighterLine” Wrong and Win a Prize

Barry Lenson

The First-Ever Misspell “StraighterLine” and Win a Prize Contest

how do you spell StraighterLine?As the editor of the StraighterLine blog, I can testify that the word “StraighterLine” is one tough word to type correctly on the first try. It just doesn’t fall under the fingers easily.

Well, it turns out that I am not alone. Here are some unusual and funny misspellings of StraighterLine from emails that we have gotten over the last months . . .

  • saferline
  • state line (sounds kind of immoral, right?)
  • stater line
  • straight lane
  • straighten line
  • straigherline
  • straighter line
  • straighterlien
  • straightest line
  • straightline
  • straightliner (sounds like a kind of truck)
  • stray line
  • strayer lane
  • stright line (if say it out loud, it sounds the Australian)

And here’s a contest for you to enter and win . . .

Create your own clever misspelling of StraighterLine and submit it as a comment below after registering on our website. You could win a new StraighterLine t-shirt with our name spelled correctly on it we hope, as a prize.

Here are the contest rules:

  1. Please submit your entry by 2/25/2012.
  2. Only three winners will be chosen, based on creativity and humor.
  3. No entries containing profanity will be chosen as winners.
  4. Multiple entries are okay.
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