Save Money on College Tip Two: Go to a Three-Year College

Barry Lenson

how to save money on collegeToday’s post is the second in a series of short tips on how to save money on college. Today’s tip is . . .

Go to a Three-Year College

Do you want to save money on college and graduate sooner? Here’s a powerfully simple strategy for you. Go to a three-year college!

What You Need to Know about Three-Year Colleges 

“New Three-Year Degree Programs Trim College Costs,” an article that Katy Hopkins wrote for U.S. News, contains some important information for students who want to save money by attending a college that offers a three-year degree program.

Hopkins writes, “. . . some schools offer or are planning to debut new, fast-track bachelor’s degree programs that only hit families’ wallets for three years.”

Here are the schools that she mentions . . .

Here are some other institutions, not mentioned by Hopkins, that offer some three-year degree programs too. So check them out . . .

To keep on top of this trend and find colleges that are introducing three-year degree programs, get in the habit of doing occasional Internet searches for the terms “three-year colleges” and “finish college in three years.” Your efforts could be repaid with big financial savings!

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